A healthy future is, first of all, healthy children and healthy adults, joyful faces and a prosperous life. A healthy future is a dream that can be pursued in many different ways. One of the ways is to create good for the country in which you live and work, create now, be involved in the process and involve others. Therefore, in the difficult 2014 year, at the initiative of the founder of the company "Med Exim", the charitable foundation "Zdorove maybutnye" was created.

The goals of the Foundation are extremely transparent: to provide charitable and social assistance to medical institutions in Ukraine in dire need of material support. The Foundation sees its task in the following: to maximize the health of the nation, to help provide Ukrainian medical institutions with the necessary equipment to provide qualitative medical care to patients.

Since the foundation of the Fund, dozens of maternity hospitals, hospitals, specialized residential care homes, treatment and diagnostic centers throughout Ukraine have already received charitable assistance. In 2016, the "Zdorove maybutnye" Foundation initiated the start of a long-term “Program to improve the radiological diagnosis service in district and regional centers” and is actively involved in its implementation.

The Foundation independently purchases modern medical equipment and consumables, that greatly facilitates and accelerates receiving of charitable aid by addressees.

We invite everyone who is not indifferent to the future, health and life of Ukrainians to join the cooperation with the "Zdorove maybutnye" Foundation. We are open to partnership and are ready to discuss various opportunities for doing good deeds.

"Zdorove maybutnye" Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization. All receipts and expenses are in non-cash form. The collected funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes.