Together with Bank Credit Dnipro, medics of the emergency medical service "Angels" were equipped with patient monitors
published on: 10/06/2024

The "Healthy Future" charitable foundation together with "Bank Credit Dnipro" continue to help doctors who provide medical care every day and do everything possible to save more lives.

This time, the Fund, in cooperation with Bank Credit Dnipro, handed over 10 patient monitors to the emergency medical service "Angels", which was formed and operates on the basis of the NGO "Carriers without Borders". "Angel" volunteers help the wounded and carry out their evacuation from the combat zone. They use dozens of their own cars, which are equipped with their own constructive developments and equipped with the necessary medical equipment. Refined vehicles are transformed into armored ambulances and medevacs. It was for the equipment of such machines that the following were transferred:

  • Brightfield Healthcare Osen8000B multi-parameter patient monitor – 10 pcs.

The transferred patient monitors will help the doctors of the "Angels" service to quickly collect comprehensive information about the current condition of the wounded, constantly monitor him, and therefore respond in time to provide the necessary assistance in unpredictable frontline conditions, when every second counts. Compact, lightweight, equipped with a sound and light alarm system, the device has a battery for autonomous operation, which is very important during evacuations.

Our most sincere gratitude to Bank Credit Dnipro for fruitful cooperation and provided financial support. Together we are a great force. Glory to Ukraine!

Collecting continues!

UAH 925,000 for the purchase of the MyLab Five ultrasound system with sensors for the "Central City Hospital" in Toretsk Donetsk Region.

Help the doctors of "Central City Hospital" in Toretsk to save people in difficult conditions of the front-line zone.

For donations in UAH: Privat24

For donations in EURO/USD/GBP: healthyfuture.com.ua/en/contacts/

If you decide to take part in charity work and provide real assistance in solving problems of our health care, then please call +38 (044) 234-95-83 or fill in the feedback form.

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Together with Bank Credit Dnipro, medics of the emergency medical service "Angels" were equipped with patient monitors

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