The modern SonoBook 8 ultrasound system was awarded to the "Kryvyi Rih perinatal center with an in-patient department"
published on: 18/03/2024

An adult can independently describe his state of health to the doctor - with words or gestures. But a newborn baby does not yet know how to do this. And this is where modern diagnostic equipment comes to the rescue, which allows a qualified neonatologist to detect health problems in a child already in the first hours of its life and to carry out further necessary treatment. The main thing is that such equipment is available in the medical institution.

Recently, the CHISON Ultrasound Manufacture, together with the "Healthy Future" Charitable Foundation, realized the cherished dream of the neonatologists of the "Kryvyi Rih perinatal center with an in-patient department" namely: they handed over modern diagnostic equipment to the doctors of the Center:

  • SonoBook 8 ultrasound diagnostic system including: Linear sensor L7-V Convex sensor C3-V Phased sensor P2-V Transvaginal sensor E6-V Basic mobile stand for СHISON Adapter for sensors – 1 set.

The modern ultrasound system SonoBook 8 is maximally adapted for use in all clinical areas, equipped with special software for automatic calculation and diagnosis of pathologies. The results of the diagnosis will help doctors make the right decisions regarding the tactics of treatment and care for newborns in the postnatal care and intensive care units of the "Kryvyi Rih perinatal center with an in-patient department".

We express our sincerest words of gratitude to CHISON Ultrasound Manufacturer for the cooperation and the free diagnostic equipment that is already working in the "Kryvyi Rih perinatal center with an in-patient department" and helps save the lives of small Ukrainians.

The Foundation team calls on everyone who cares about the lives and health of our defenders, ordinary Ukrainians, and children, to join the cooperation with the "Healthy Future" Foundation and together help the Ukrainian medical system in these difficult times for the country.

For donations in UAH: Privat24

For donations in EURO/USD/GBP: healthyfuture.com.ua/en/contacts/

If you decide to take part in charity work and provide real assistance in solving problems of our health care, then please call +38 (044) 234-95-83 or fill in the feedback form.

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