A modern electrocardiograph was handed over to "City Hospital No. 3" in Kramatorsk
published on: 04/07/2024

Helping those who help people save life and health is the main task of our foundation since the day of its foundation in 2013. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the "Healthy Future" Charitable Foundation has been constantly helping Ukrainian medical institutions of all types and specializations. Ukrainian and foreign charitable organizations, companies and volunteers support the fund in this work.

Here and now, cooperation with the charitable organization Sunflower Relief ensured the transfer of the necessary medical equipment to the "City Hospital No. 3" in Kramatorsk. Thanks to the financial support of Sunflower Relief, the hospital received:

  • Electrocardiograph Brightfield Healthcare EM-301 – 1 piece.

The ECG device is portable, with simple and convenient management, has a built-in battery of large capacity, which will provide the medical staff of the hospital with more comfortable work both in the hospital and during the visits of medical teams.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Sunflower Relief, our permanent partner, for their cooperation and financial assistance. Together we are a force!

!!! The Foundation team calls on everyone who cares about the lives and health of our defenders, ordinary Ukrainians, and children, to join the cooperation with the "Healthy Future" Foundation and together help the Ukrainian medical system in these difficult times for the country. !!!

For donations in UAH: Privat24

For donations in EURO/USD/GBP: healthyfuture.com.ua/en/contacts/

If you decide to take part in charity work and provide real assistance in solving problems of our health care, then please call +38 (044) 234-95-83 or fill in the feedback form.

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A modern electrocardiograph was handed over to "City Hospital No. 3" in Kramatorsk

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