Waterproof overalls were handed over to the doctors of the NGO "Carriers without Borders"
published on: 23/05/2024

Doctors -"angels" of the NGO "Carriers without Borders" work along the entire front line. Every day, volunteer doctors save the lives of the wounded and injured in the combat zone: they provide emergency medical care, operate, stabilize and evacuate the seriously wounded from the front line to specialized hospitals.

Recently, another batch of aid was handed over to the doctors of the "Angels" emergency medical service, which was created and has been working on the basis of the NGO "Carriers without Borders" since the first days of the war.

Medics in the combat zone need a lot of things. This time the "Healthy Future" Charitable Foundation handed over:

  • Waterproof laboratory suits (reusable protective overalls with a hood and waterproof coating (VIVA) – 143 pcs.

We thank the doctors and paramedics of the "Angels" service for their daily hard work, for timely medical assistance, and for saved lives. Glory to Ukraine!

Collecting continues!

UAH 925,000 for the purchase of the MyLab Five ultrasound system with sensors for the "Central City Hospital" in Toretsk Donetsk Region.

Help the doctors of "Central City Hospital" in Toretsk to save people in difficult conditions of the front-line zone.

For donations in UAH: Privat24

For donations in EURO/USD/GBP: healthyfuture.com.ua/en/contacts/

If you decide to take part in charity work and provide real assistance in solving problems of our health care, then please call +38 (044) 234-95-83 or fill in the feedback form.

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A modern electrocardiograph was handed over to "City Hospital No. 3" in Kramatorsk

Together with Bank Credit Dnipro, medics of the emergency medical service "Angels" were equipped with patient monitors

Waterproof overalls were handed over to the doctors of the NGO "Carriers without Borders"