Charitable Foundation "Healthy Future" is a non-profit organization and operates in the field of charity and social assistance to medical institutions of Ukraine.

The activity of the Foundation is aimed at specific tasks and objectives and always has a specific address. This allows not only to direct financial resources in order to solve this or that problem, but also strictly control how they are used. Our targeted charitable assistance receive dozens of hospitals and maternity hospitals that are in urgent need of financial support.

Foundation independently acquires modern medical equipment and expendable materials.

The health of children and adults is a healthy future of our country!

We believe that participation in charity not only fills with joy life of the people who received help, it warms the hearts of philanthropists themselves, fills their lives with meaning.

We invite All unindifferent people to cooperate and are ready to offer a variety of opportunities for good deeds.

We draw your attention to the fact that all funds received in the Fund's accounts are spent exclusively for charitable purposes.