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Bank Credit Dnipro and the "Healthy Future" Charitable Foundation implemented programs of medical and social support for Ukraine

The goal is to help doctors provide quality medical care to our defenders and civilians as professionally and quickly as possible to save their health, and often their lives.


The hospital in Kramatorsk received a batch of important charitable aid in August

The "Healthy Future" Foundation systematically supports "City Hospital No. 3" in Kramatorsk.In August, five pallets of medical equipment were delivered to the hospital.


Working for Victory!

The program "Working for Victory", which was released in May 2023 on radio Hit FM, Radio ROKS, KISS FM, Radio RELAX, Melody FM, Radio Bayraktar.


Bank Credit Dnipro provided medical gurneys to the Balakliya Clinical Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Hospital

Bank Credit Dnipro works on the financial front and continues to support medical institutions that bring soldiers and civilians back to life. Thus, together with the "Healthy Future" fund, the Bank handed over to the Balaklia Hospital what the hospital needed already today - medical gurneys.


How to combine care for the client, charity and assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders, the rule of "People comes first" has overtaken all others in Ukraine. Therefore, the Charitable Foundation "Healthy Future" and Bank Credit Dnipro provided the Nikopol Children's City Hospital with a much-needed cardiograph.


Bank Credit Dnipro purchased medical equipment for the Nikopol City Children's Hospital

Bank Credit Dnipro together with the "Healthy Future" fund purchased and donated medical equipment for the Nikopol City Children's Hospital.


Critical medical aid delivered to the State Scientific Institution "Scientific and Practical Center of Preventive and Clinical Medicine" in Kyiv for seriously injured Ukrainian soldiers


Thousand Parents of Victory: How business has become a reliable back for the defenders of Ukraine

Charitable Fund “Healthy Future” Help on the medical front: equipping the country's most important hospitals and on the front lines


How business helps Ukrainians. Balaklia Intensive Care Hospital

Having unleashed a cruel, senseless war, Russia sought to frighten and divide Ukrainians. But the result was the opposite: an angry, united nation, where everyone supports each other and does everything for the sake of victory.