Early detection is the key of successful treatment
published on: 07/04/2014

Work of a modern medical institution is simply inconceivable without a stationary or a portable ultrasound scanner. As of today, ultrasound study is used almost in all clinical areas - from screening studies of abdominal cavity organs to complex operative measures under ultrasound control.

Unfortunately, many medical institutions in Ukraine are not equipped yet with modern ultrasound diagnostic systems. In addition, there is often a situation when running ultrasound scanners don’t have necessary equipment for effective diagnostics. Charitable Foundation "Healthy future" on a free basis gave to Lugansk city clinical multi-field hospital №1 convex ultrasound transducer of Esaote company.

Linear and angled scanning of the convex transducer is used in all clinical areas, with the exception of Cardiology. The ultrasonic transducer will allow to expand diagnostic capabilities of a stationary ultrasound device of Esaote company, which is used by the hospital.

Lugansk city hospital №1 - one of the oldest hospitals of the city. Currently, the center specializes in treatment of cardiovascular system diseases, ENT organs, in in-depth diagnostic studies.

Charitable Foundation "Healthy future" hopes that completing the scanner with a new ultrasound transducer will allow to increase accuracy and efficiency of routine and specialized ultrasounds, which are held in a multi-field clinical hospital №1 of Lugansk city

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