Nizhyn central city hospital named after Galitsky
published on: 23/09/2015

Nizhyn central city hospital named after Galitsky is a leading medical institution in the health system not only in the city and the community but also the entire region.

The structure of the institution includes adult and children's polyclinic, hospital, primary health center, clinical laboratory, department of transfusion and functional diagnostics. The hospital operates 13 departments, the total bed fund makes up 450 units.

To improve the quality of diagnosis and rise standards of medical care the Charitable Foundation "Healthy future" donated the hospital a stationary ultrasound unit of «Esaote» brand with a set of sensors.

«Our Foundation has been working in the sphere of medical care quality improvement for several years, and we are well aware of the acute shortage of modern equipment in district health centers. No doubt that modern stationary ultrasound general diagnostic unit will be useful for a hospital and will help to improve the life quality of Nizhyn citizens. We are very pleased that we will contribute to help people» - noted the representative of the fund.

Mayor Anatoly Linnik thanked the Fund representatives and noted that this gift is not some kind of political action and is not tied to the local elections, and hopes for further fruitful cooperation of the fund with medical institutions of the city of Nizhyn.

Acting chief physician G. Virotchenko also thanked the representatives of the Fund on behalf of the team: «In our work we try to keep up with the time, so we would like to have a more modern medical equipment. Field of use of ultrasound scanner has already been determined. It will be used in the anaesthesiology and reanimation department, where accuracy and speed of diagnosis are of prime importance. Currently our experts are attending trainings and will soon be able to proceed to work».

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