Neonatal center of Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.
published on: 05/06/2020

Every year, the intensive care unit for newborns in the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital has more than 700 babies weighing at birth from 500 g. This department serves complex patients from obstetric hospitals in Lviv and the region.

At the sponsors ’expense, the Healthy Future charity foundation donated and installed the latest generation automatic washing and disinfecting machine. The device allows you to quickly and efficiently perform pre-sterilization treatment of tools, as well as washing and disinfection of necessary medical supplies.

The Healthy Future Charitable Foundation hopes for further cooperation to update the technical base of the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.

Other news
Oleshkivsky orphanage, Kherson region. Опубликовано: 04/06/2020

The Healthy Future Charitable Foundation together with Permobil donated a batch of orthopedic wheelchair pillows to the orphanage.

Assistance to Kyiv oblast Hospitals Опубликовано: 21/04/2017

Foundation "Healthy Future" cooperates with local authorities. One of strong examples is a successful cooperation with Kyiv Regional Council.

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Foundation "Healthy Future" has been cooperating with the Vinnytsya Regional Clinical endocrinology center for a long time, it helps in resolving urgent issues for the supply of medical equipment and expendable materials.